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Little Pink House is an independent film that is competing against big-budget studio movies. But what we lack in funding, we make for in grassroots support from a diverse array of individuals and organizations who support the film and its impact campaign.  

Our allies include legendary musician David Crosby, the Athena Center for Leadership Studies, Jeff Benedict (author of the book on which the screenplay is based), the Institute for Justice, and Susette Kelo herself.

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The Little Pink House impact campaign will educate people about eminent domain abuse, the type of legalized bullying Susette Kelo and her neighbors endured. Many continue to suffer through similar ordeals today (especially poor, minority, and elderly communities).

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Watch Little Pink House

in select theaters beginning April 20, 2018
or bring it to a theater near you.

Info below. More cities and details coming soon ...

April 15:

New London, CT. Special Screening: Garde Arts Center

April 20-26: 

New York: AMC Empire 25, Village East Cinema

Santa Monica: Laemmle Monica Film Center

Pasadena: Laemmle Playhouse 7

San Francisco: details coming soon

Berkeley: Landmark Shattuck Cinemas

Atlanta: Landmark Midtown Art Center 

April 25:

Newport Beach, CA. Special Screening 7:30pm: Buy tickets now 

April 27 - May 3: 

Philadelphia: Landmark Ritz East

May 1:

Anchorage, AK. Special Screening 6:30pm: Buy tickets now

May 4 -10: 

Boston: Landmark Kendall Square Cinema

San Diego: Landmark Ken Cinema

Denver: details coming soon

May 11-17: 

Dallas: Landmark Magnolia Theater

Pittsburgh: AMC Waterfront 22

Phoenix: Harkins Shea 14

May 15:

Monterey, CA. Special Screening 7:30pm: Buy tickets now

In most cases, showtimes and ticket sales will be available the Tuesday or Wednesday prior to the film’s Friday opening. 

Want us to remind you when you can buy tickets? Interested in buying out a screening? Contact liz@littlepinkhousemovie.com

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